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Jennifer Binkley Carney

Jennifer Binkley Carney

California, USA

Grants & Research Advisor, Senior Science Writer, Moderator

Jennifer has a BA and an MA in English from Northwestern University and Penn State University and, in 2018, an MPH from UCLA. In 2006, she developed eclampsia and HELLP syndrome, as well as acute respiratory distress syndrome and sepsis, with her second son. His early birth and NICU stay inspired her to volunteer with the March of Dimes and Preeclampsia Foundation. Professionally, she has worked as an editor in educational publishing and as an administrative assistant for a medical researcher at UCLA. While at UCLA, she decided to pursue a Masters in Public Health with an emphasis in reproductive health and health communication. She is interested in the mental health toll exacted by severe maternal morbidity and is willing to answer any questions regarding her experience with eclamptic seizures.

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