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Dr. Katie E. Corcoran

Dr. Katie E. Corcoran

West Virginia, USA

Senior Moderator

Katie E. Corcoran (Ph.D., University of Washington, 2012) is Associate Professor of Sociology at West Virginia University and also a mother of two. With her first child, she developed gestational hypertension and was induced. Several days after giving birth she developed post-partum preeclampsia with severe features. She joined our Facebook group looking for evidenced-based information on preeclampsia and is incredibly grateful for the wealth of knowledge she has gained from the group. She is excited to be able to give back to the group as part of the volunteer moderator team. Professionally, Corcoran researches and teaches in the areas of health, organizations, religion, emotion, social psychology, and social networks. She has published over 25 peer-reviewed articles, two books, and has received over $450,000 in grant funding including a grant from the National Science Foundation. She is particularly interested in studying delays in diagnosis even when people exhibit telltale signs of a condition. She is also a statistics geek and is always up for a discussion of statistics or the latest peer-reviewed journal article.

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